Year-Round Literacy Solutions

Introducing a New Digital Platform for Elementary Students Welcome to Vista’s Supersite for elementary students—a digital platform built exclusively to support young learners as they begin their language and literacy journey! The simplified student Dashboard focuses solely on getting work done. It allows students to easily find upcoming assignments and to move from one activity to the next with the click of a button. Students see their name, chosen avatar, and icons for their daily lessons. Content, including activities and online books, is easily accessed by the big, friendly button. Activities are organized in small groups for easier navigation. The Progress view is a kid-friendly gradebook, where the focus is on completion and time spent instead of scores. Simple visuals are used to show complete, missing, or late assignments, and links make it easy for students to access activities with just the click of a mouse. The Grownups section helps parents and guardians become active partners in their child’s learning. They can see posts and notifications from their children’s teachers. They can click on the calendar to check any upcoming assignments and open the gradebook to see how their child is performing every step of the way. Finally, in the Resources section, adults have access to information posted by the teacher to keep them informed and engaged in their child’s progress. Available for most K-5 titles with student access. TECHNOLOGY With the help of Pom Pom the penguin young students are guided through the online learning experience in a way that is fun, interactive, and easy to navigate. [email protected] | Customer Support 1-800-269-6311 TECHNOLOGY