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GRADES 6-12 LEVELED READERS [email protected] | Customer Support 1-800-269-6311 Get Reading! is a leveled reading library specifically designed to address the needs of multilingual/English learners and striving readers. Each print and digital library includes 120 readers that combine literary and informational texts written at three readability levels and focusing on a range of content areas. • Each of the ten thematic units is accompanied by four readers—one language arts (fiction), one science, one social studies, and one math. • Each reader is written at three readability levels, for a total of 120 readers. • Students can choose the level they want to read, or start with one and progress as they improve their reading skills. • A Teacher Guide is included with each library for guided instruction, reproducible activities, and assessment. 3 snake cat turtle fish bird 2 Mr. Lee is a math teacher and a great animal lover. He has so many different types of pets! He has a beautiful goldfish, a colorful bird, a sweet little cat, a sleepy turtle, a really unusual snake, and more! When he’s not teaching, Mr. Lee enjoys spending time with his animals. He feeds them healthy foods every day and makes sure to keep their homes very clean. He also plays with them as much as he can. It can be a lot of work, but he feels it’s really worth it. He says it makes him healthier and happier! Why Pets are Good for You 1. Getting out with your pet man make you exercise more. 2. Pets are often more like friends, which can stop you from being lonely. 3. Being around animals can reduce feelings of stress. 4. Pets can help you meet other people, often other pet lovers! 5. Being around animals can improve your body’s ability to fight sickness and disease. 6. Some animals can protect you from other animals or common dangers. 7. Research shows that owning a pet helps make you happier in general! Monkey_math_C_R4.indd 2-3 8/1/2019 7:10:31 AM < TK > 2 3 Monkey Supplies • food • toys • doctor visits • medicine • special treats (bananas) This is Mr. Lee. Mr. Gao just loves animals. He has a lot of pets. He has a fish, bird, cat, turtle, a snake, and more! Mr. Lee spends a lot of time with his animals. He gives them healthy food. He cleans them. He plays with them every day. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very fun! Mr. Gao loves all of his pets. But his favorite animals are his monkeys! “My monkeys are funny and friendly,” says Mr. Gao. He plays games with them all the time. They make him laugh and he loves it! Mr. Gao has six monkeys. He doesn’t think that’s a lot. However, there’s one problem. Monkeys are expensive pets! snake cat turtle fish bird It is expensive to have monkeys. It costs a lot of money. Monkey_math_B_R4.indd 2-3 8/1/2019 7:09:40 AM 2 snake cat turtle fish bird 3 This is Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee likes animals. Look. Count. He has eleven animals. That is a lot of animals! Mr. Lee likes all animals. But he loves monkeys. Count the monkeys. Mr. Lee has .... Mr. Lee loves monkeys. He likes them a lot. monkey Monkey_math_A_R4.indd 2-3 8/1/2019 7:08:59 AM Newcomer/beginning High intermediate Intermediate Get Reading! Leveled Reading Libraries for Middle & High School 120 titles —two levels: grades 6–8 and grades 9–12 An unparalleled digital experience built to support young learners as they discover, learn, and master literacy skills.