IAE-5 GETTINGTO KNOW ¡VIVA! ¡Viva!, Fifth Edition, offers a student-friendly approach to introductory Spanish. Its goal is to make learning Spanish easier and more rewarding so that students will be successful language learners. To this end, ¡Viva! emphasizes an interactive, communicative approach. It develops speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills so that students are capable of communicating with confidence in real-life situations. NEW to the Fifth Edition • New Escenas fotonovela video • New Video Virtual Chats • New vocabulary tutorials • Communicative goals and Can-Do Statements for most sections in each lesson • New pronunciation tutorials with speech recognition • New Panorama cultural videos • New Con ritmo hispano music feature • 9 new Exploración readings • 9 new authentic TV Clips showcasing Spanish from diverse locations in the Spanish-speaking world • Revised audio activities • Online practice tests now with diagnostics • Standards correlations at the beginning of applicable sections 1