The Vista Higher Learning Story Your Specialized Foreign Language Publisher Independent, specialized, and privately owned, Vista Higher Learning was founded in 2000 with one mission: to raise the teaching and learning of world languages to a higher level. This mission is based on the following beliefs: • It is essential to prepare students for a world in which learning another language is a necessity, not a luxury. • Language learning should be fun and rewarding, and all students should have the tools they need to achieve success. • Students who experience success learning a language will be more likely to continue their language studies both inside and outside the classroom. With this in mind, we decided to take a fresh look at all aspects of language instructional materials. Because we are specialized, we dedicate 100 percent of our resources to this goal and base every decision on how well it supports language learning. That is where you come in. Since our founding, we have relied on the invaluable feedback of language instructors and students nationwide. This partnership has proved to be the cornerstone of our success by allowing us to constantly improve our programs to meet your instructional needs. The result? Programs that make language learning exciting, relevant, and effective through: • unprecedented access to resources • a wide variety of contemporary, authentic materials • the integration of text, technology, and media, and • a bold and engaging textbook design. By focusing on our singular passion, we let you focus on yours. The Vista Higher Learning Team 500 Boylston Street, Suite 620, Boston, MA 02116-3736 TOLL-FREE: 800-618-7375 TELEPHONE: 617-426-4910 FAX: 617-426-5209 www.vistahigherlearning.com IAE-4